Tummy Time Playboard + Art Cards

Eye Art

Help your baby’s visual development with high-contrast art that stimulates the eyes and helps develop the visual center of the brain. The flip-and-stand playboard features a reflective mirror on one side and an easel on the other holding 7 beautifully illustrated flash cards.

New Eyes See in Black & White

While pastel shades make for lovely nursery colors, it’s easiest for your baby’s developing eyes to perceive large contrasts between light and dark. Keeping your baby visually stimulated with black-and-white art will help the retinas to develop, the optic nerve to grow and the visual center of the brain to thrive.

Prop & Play

Flip & Stand Playboard

The Tummy Time Playboard unfolds to reveal an easel tray holding our animal art cards. Each card is beautifully rendered in a high-contrast illustration style that stimulates your baby’s eyes

Mirror Play

Turn the Playboard around to reveal a reflective back side which can be used for mirror play helping your baby’s eyes to learn to focus and track moving images

An Eyeful

Double-Sided Cards

Each of our sturdy art cards feature an animal illustration on one side and a black-and-white pattern on the other for added variety and play options

Words and Objects

The inner flaps of the Playboard contain illustrations of everyday objects and a Parent’s Guide to help you get the most out of tummy time

Magnetic Stays

Hidden magnets on the inner flap and back cover come together to hold your Playboard propped up

Tummy Time Playboard + Art Cards